How To Join Medishare

To join the Medishare Network as a Stakeholder, simply fill in the following information. As a Stakeholder, it is possible to receive the Newsletters with updates of the progress of Medishare, gain access to selected relevant publications in several areas (ICT, diseases, clinical Trials, Protocol studies, other meetings) and participate to discussion Forums. If you wish to become an active clinical site and register your patients in the Medishare Database, please answer yes to the question "Interested in registering patients in Medishare?". Advantages of becoming an active clinical site:

  • Database for patients
  • Automatic statistical reports
  • Networking opportunities
  • Homogeneous and standardized data
  • Better management of patients
  • Framework for discussions in the community
  • Comparison among sites and countries
  • Possibility to share knowledge on the three diseases across African countries
  • Use of a shared ICT platform
  • Possibility to participate to the training initiatives promoted by Medishare
  • High protection of patients' confidentiality in the platform (only the owner of the data can access personal information)
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